“Our practice uses an EHR, but entering everything electronically was taking away from my time and affecting my exams with patients. Smarter Superbill made a huge difference!”
Dr. Robert P. | Podiatrist
“We’re a busy practice, and the challenges with taking notes during the appointment and then putting in a lot of time at the end of the day to complete my notes and charting left me pretty drained. Smarter Superbill has been a huge help, helping claims get out faster and patient visits go more smoothly.”
Dr. Ellen D. | Chiropractor
“This is stellar. Not much more I can say. They helped me add PQRS fields to my form and their affiliated medical billing company help get me set up with an EHR as well. This bill makes each encounter so much easier!”
Alana S. | Physical Therapist
“These superbill templates have totally changed our workflow. I love that I’m not spending a ton of time in front of the monitor while talking to my patients. Even the best EHR systems took a lot of time during each patient visit. Now, I focus on what I do best – build relationships with my patients and provide the best care possible. My front desk handles all the CPT and ICD code entry.”
Dr. Ellen C. | Dermatologist

Why Paper Superbills?

Paper is a beautiful thing.

In a world of computers and tablets, patient encounters can easily lose the personal touch.

Our one-of-a-kind superbill is a superbly designed encounter form designed specifically for the needs of your specialty. The top CPT and ICD-10 codes for your specialty have been sensibly organized to make selection a piece of cake.  We even cross-walked ICD-9 codes to make it easy for you.

Paper allows you to focus on each patient visit…And get your practice on the same page.

See Sample
Medical Superbill Template

Designed With You In Mind

ICD-10 Ready

ICD-10 and our superbills are like peas in a pod. The top codes for your specialty are listed in a sensible system for easy selection.

Easy Mapping From ICD-9 to ICD-10

Each of the top codes list the original ICD-9 code and then intelligently guide you to select the right ICD-10 code…and the details your billing needs.

Care, Not Data Entry

Our easy to use superbill keeps your eyes on your patient, not clicking around screens to find the right information for your patient.

Intuitive Design For Easy Use

Our philosophy is built upon the need for a quick and easy to use system that allows for accurate selection of CPT and ICD-10 codes for each patient encounter.

EHR & PM Integration

Paper integrates with everything. Whatever PM or EHR system you use, notes and codes from the superbill can be used.

Help Your Staff Know What You're Thinking

Using the Smarter Superbill, you can easily select and enter the info that helps your support team bill and document each patient encounter.

Specialty Focused

Smarter superbills are designed for your specialty. If your specialty isn’t listed, let us know and we can rush a superbill for you.

Top Codes - Just For You

Superbills only work when they reflect the codes you use most. Our background in multi-specialty medical billing has given us insight to the most common codes used across all specialties.

Ease The Tech Transition

Paper superbills will smooth the transition to EHR and PM systems. Technology should help, not disrupt your practice.

Choosing an EHR/PM is a Big Decision

Smarter Superbills not only give you the time to choose and implement an EHR/PM system, but the paper system works so well it can be used even once you select a digital solution.

Digital Superbill Option

Just because we LOVE paper, doesn’t mean we hate software. For a bit more, you can get a fillable PDF version.

Fillable PDFs Make Sense

Even if the doctors in the office use a pen to note the details of the encounter, having the front desk staff type up patient details makes for an easier and more legible operation.

Tailored to your Specialty

The Smarter Superbill understands that your practice has specific requirements.  We have designed our superbill templates to reflect the most common CPT codes for your area of expertise, along with well organized, easy-to-use ICD-10 codes that are most frequently used by your specialty.

Smarter Superbill

  • Includes Printable Template
  • Tailored to Specialty
  • PDF Format

Fillable Smarter Superbill

  • Includes Printable/Fillable Template
  • Tailored to Specialty
  • Fillable PDF Format


What’s Different About Your Superbill?

Our superbill is the only paper superbill template that effectively includes the CPT and ICD-10 codes you need, tailored to your specialty.

Does This Cover Meaningful Use?

Your practice will still want to use an EHR system to capture the relevant data for patient encounters in order to qualify for meaningful use. The Smarter Superbill helps your practice focus on patient encounters and improve communication and documentation between the providers and office staff.

Do I Still Need an EHR?

While that decision is up to you, our superbill is designed to capture a great deal of the information you will need to input in your EHR.  While your office’s workflow is up to you, we suggest using our superbill during the patient exam and consult. If you are a small medical practice or if Medicare is not a major part of your revenue, then our templates are a great solution.

Do You Ship Me Stacks of Paper?

No, with your order you will receive a superbill template for your specialty in PDF format. If you want to include a fillable PDF with your order, select that option during checkout. You can then print or copy as many of the superbills as you need.

Why Would I Want The Fillable PDF?

The fillable version is great for improved workflow.  Your front office staff can type in patient information and details using a PDF reader to help save you time.  You can then focus on quickly reading patient information and spend time providing care, not filling in fields. Just circle the CPT codes and ICD-10 codes needed.

How Do You Fit Every ICD-10 Code On a Piece of Paper?

We don’t. We have researched the top codes by your specialty and included them in an easy to review and select format on the reverse of your superbill.

What happens if you update the Superbill?

Your purchase allows you to receive unlimited updates to the superbill product you purchase.

What if I don’t see my specialty?

Send us an email and for a small rush fee, we can put your specialty to the front of the line.

Can you make a custom SuperBill?

We do offer this service. Please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you shortly.

Need Billing?

Our superbill was developed by working with one of the leading billing companies focused on small to medium sized medical practices. Working closely with MCB, Medical Claims Billing of New Jersey, we developed superbills that meet the needs of a wide range of providers.

Should your practice wish to not only make your patient encounters more efficient and patient-focused, but also more profitable, we encourage you to contact MCB for a complimentary consultation. They can be reached at 973-839-1003 or visit them at www.mcbcollects.com.

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